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Letterspelmat bewegenderwijs leren

The Letter Play Mat is a large mat. Place it on the floor and let kids make words using their hands and feet. They can use the letters from the alphabet or combine them with the phonics. On the border of the mat we’ve placed illustrations to start with. But of course you can call out any word you think of. Especially when you play with more than one child, you can create longer words.

Play a fun, active game while practicing letters and words.

Or play it different by stepping words! Try setting a word by stepping over the letters in sequence to see if the other kids can guess the word you are spelling out! Ofcourse you can make up your own game, the Letter Play Mat gives you a base for learning by moving.

Translated and adjusted to the following languages:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German

Created by Debbie Spelt, produced and distributed bij Kakels – Original Kids products, located in The Netherlands.

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